Wall Mount Ironing Board Cabinet

Wall Mount Ironing BOard

Surface Mount cabinet with Melamine Door 4 5/8" Deep by 14 1/4" wide
Includes finished melamine box, face frame and door for mounting unit to any wall surface.\

Cabinet is either 46 3/4" or 58 3/4" tall by 14 1/4" wide by 4 5/8" deep, main board is 36" or 44" long with a 24" sleeve board This unit is designed to be mounted on a finished wall rather than in a wall. Electrical outlet is not currently available for this unit.

Starting height above the floor: Desired height of ironing board minus 8 ½ or 12 ½"

Price: $329.00

Choose your ironing board Cabinet Size

Choose the type of wood for the door and face frame

Choose a Style for the Door