Today's in wall ironing board cabinet technologies

The practice of smoothing cloth with an iron or some other flat object has been around for centuries. Electric irons were invented in the late 19th century, and are used all over the world. The technology for putting the ironing board and stowing it away in the wall has only become more common in average households in recent decades.

Gone are the days of having to find a place to store that awkwardly large folding ironing board, today there are in wall ironing board cabinet that easily hides the ironing board and even gives space for storing the electric iron and other supplies. The ironing board can often swivel from side to side making it even easier to position the board in a useful location. The board is usually made of a hardwood or solid composite that can withstand extended exposure to heat and pressure. The outer cabinet can be made of white or almond colored melamine which matches many basic laundry rooms, or you can order a door front that matches any existing cabinetry.

Most ironing board cabinet suppliers ship the in wall ironing board cabinet with un-stained or painted wood so that it can be stained to match the exact color of your existing cabinet. If a full melamine cabinet is ordered in a white or almond color then the full completed product comes ready to install in the wall. In wall ironing boards usually require a normal 4" depth wall space to be installed so that only the door front is on the face of the wall surface. However a wall mount ironing board can also be ordered that can be easily installed on any finished wall.

There are other technologies such as in a an ironing board in a drawer, and other laundry room organizational accessories that can help make your life easier.