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Wall Mount Ironing Board

wall mount ironing boardOrganization in your laundry room is always a difficult task. In many cases the laundry room was the room that is the lowest in priority when planning to build a new house, which means the laundry room doesn't get the deluxe treatment like the master bedroom or kitchen probably received.

Today's in wall ironing board cabinet technologies

The practice of smoothing cloth with an iron or some other flat object has been around for centuries. Electric irons were invented in the late 19th century, and are used all over the world. The technology for putting the ironing board and stowing it away in the wall has only become more common in average households in recent decades.

Short wall mount ironing board video

 Here is our 30 second video displaying our wall mount ironing boards.  Ironing board magic makes custom sized and wood species ironing board cabinets that attach directly to the wall.  This type of ironing board system helps keep your laundry room organized.  Also, wall mount ironing boards add to the overall value of your home.


How to pick an ironing board cabinet, built-in or surface mount?

Built in ironing board cabinets can be custom made to work in nearly any situation. There are two main types of built in ironing boards that are normally offered: a built in cabinet for a new construction home or surface mount cabinet for an existing home.

Built in Ironing Board Cabinets

You can purchase a built in ironing board cabinet that is meant to be installed in a new house, and the ironing board cabinet will actually be placed inside the wall so that only an inch or two for the door frame remain on the outside of the wall. These cabinets are the ultimate space savers since your iron and board can actually be stowed within the confines of your wall, thus saving an extra few inches of your space. It also makes a great way to hide an ironing board behind a nice finished door, enabling you to install it in nearly any room without worrying about having to move the tacky folding metal ironing board out of a living area before guests come over to the house. It can simply and quickly fold up and weight inside the wall until the next use.

If you are still in the planning stages for your new house, it is a great idea to plan an extra outlet for your built in ironing board cabinet. When the ironing board cabinet is being installed the outlet can be placed inside of the cabinet so that you have the complete ironing center available for the most convenience possible.

Surface Mount Ironing Board

If you already have an existing, finished home, unless you are willing to do some remodeling work, the surface mount ironing board is the choice for you. It is an ironing board cabinet that is installed on the surface of your wall and can be placed in any room or location long after the completion of a house. If you have an outlet nearby on the wall at the same location as the ironing board cabinet it still provides the convenience of quick ironing access. You can still hide the ironing board a matching cabinet to the rest of the furniture in your room but it does use a few more inches of space in your room, as compared to a surface mount ironing board.

Wall mount ironing board options


FREE SHIPPING on all orders in the lower 48 states. Wall mounted ironing boards and Ironing Board Covers and Pads are included in this promotion.

We also offer real wood cabinet doors or paint grade doors that can be stained or painted to match your decor and style of home. Some of the species of wood offered are Cherry, Oak, Knotty Alder, and Maple. You can further customize the look of your Wall Mount Ironing Board with a square raised panel or arched raised panel door.

Pull down ironing board information


- All doors are shipped unfinished, and can be stained or painted to match existing cabinets and decor.
- Doors can be left or right hinged at the time of installation.
- Melamine doors are a laminated product that do not require painting or staining.

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Ironing Board Installation Tips

Installing your wall mount ironing board is actually quite simple. The fold down ironing board cabinet is designed to fit in between studs that are on 16" centers.  When you have selected a location for the built in ironing board cabinet, carefully cut the sheetrock using a utility knife. Then cut the correct rough opening in the sheetrock and remove it along with any insulation that is in the area that the ironing center is to be placed in.  Then, use the supplied screws to attach the sides of the in wall ironing board to the studs.  Use the supplied finish screw caps to disguise where the screw holes are located.  Now you are ready to install the ironing board covers and pads that are supplied with the purchase of your in wall mount ironing board cabinet.  


Built-in ironing Boards and Wall mount ironing board dimensions and specifications.  Read more for a detailed description of each model of ironing board offered.