About Us

About Ironing Board MagicWhen Ray Haws, (owner of Haws Constructions Co.) was building homes, he included a Built-In Ironing Board at the prospective owner's request. He wasn't satisfied with what was being offered, so he started designing his own. In 1979 when interest rates skyrocketed to 23 & 24%, he decided it was time to slow the house building business. So, Ray with his wife Merna formed Ray-Mer Enterprises & started building and selling his Ironing Boards to shops, and closet companies.

Ray built the Ironing Board Cabinets & Merna made the pads and covers. Ray designed 4' & 5' models to acomodate limited space areas. They also built special units for special areas, including Motor Homes and Condo's. Ray & Merna also enjoyed doing Home Shows in Utah and Las Vegas, Nevada.

Women (and also their Husbands), really enjoyed using the ironing boards, they were so easy to use. Just open the door, let the board down, iron & then pop it up in the cabinet & close the door. You didn't have to fold up the conventional type and find a place to store it. They fit on the wall or in between the 16" center studs, and added beauty and convenience to the wall.

Ray & Merna, by themselves, built and sold the units for the first 10 years. Then as the business grew to about 50 to 60 boards per month, it got to be too much for just them, so in 1990, Ray got a friend of his (John Jarvis), who had a cabinet shop, to build the units for him, so he could box, market & deliver them to the Businesses and Contractors that sold them to their customers. Merna got their daughter Sherrie, who was a seamstress, to help make the pads and covers.

By 1997, when Ray & Merna were approaching their 70's, they decided to sell the business and retire, before it was to late and do some traveling and enjoy things.

Late in 1997, they sold the business to Jonathan Hewett and his father, Russell Hewett. Jonathan used them in his Closet Co., and liked them very much. Now the business is owned and operated by Russell Hewett and his oldest son Michael Hewett.

Sherrie, their daughter, continues to make the pads and covers for the built-in ironing boards.

We and our customers feel they are the best and most functional wall mount ironing boards in the business, and are proud to offer them to the public.